Our massages

Here the different massage are explained imaged.

In our massages we use cold-pressed Thai coconut oil and handmade herbal balm from Thailand.

Traditional Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage is an age old massage technique in the light with a combination of pressure on specific energy points and stretching the energy lines of the body are stimulated. This releases tension and the stimulated the circulation and metabolism. The increased circulation of connective tissue and muscles leads to well-being and increased vitality.

Herbal compress massage

For a herbal massage a stamp made of by steam heat herbs is used. The heat of the plunger opens the skin pores and paving the way of herbal ingredients to the energy points of the body. This massage is typically applied at the end of a full body massage.

Oil / Aroma Massage

When oil massage the client is rubbed with a special printing and coating technology with oils . Thereby, the blood circulation is stimulated , pain and induration be alleviated and fluid retention in the connective tissue are removed. In addition, the oil massage is a very pleasant and effective form of skin care .

Foot reflexology massage

The feet play in traditional Thai massage a central role, since the power lines of the internal organs end here. Therefore, each region of the foot is associated with an internal organ, which can be stimulated by massage for conformity with the area. This suffering can be alleviated physically. In addition, later suffering can be prevented.

Hotstone Massage

In the hot stone massage the energy lines of the body are stimulated by treatment with hot stones and oils. This tension can be resolved and increased wellbeing.

Sports massage

In sports massage warm oil is used. In order to alleviate the pain often occur in connection with sporting overloads.

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is often referred to as classical massage. Here, different massage techniques like kneading, circles and feathers are used in rhythmic alternation. This leads to a heating of muscles and skin as well as a stimulate circulation. The fragrance oil used promotes relaxation of the body.

Ayurvedic massage

The Ayurvedic massage originates from the Indian Space. The massage should alleviate most tension in the head, neck and back. The treatment is supported by the use of a warm fragrance oil to increase the well-being and the Entspannun and the solution of stress points.

back massage

Here the back of the customer is the focus. Here, the best Thai massage techniques to release tension are applied.

migraine massage

When migraine Massage the 25 energy points in the head, neck and back are stimulated by means of which can be procured at migraines relief. This Thai massage technique is applied without oil.

Facial massage ( normal )

The facial massage the muscles of the face is stimulated to increase blood circulation and reduce the proportion of lymph fluid . The facial massage is a very relaxing massage.

Facial massage ( lymph )

Here the focus is placed on the lightening of the complexion and removing toxins. The aim of this massage is to increase the blood circulation to improve the transport of pollutants in the body.

Facial Massage ( tight skin )

This facial massage , the focus is on the tightening of the skin by stimulating the facial muscles. By building the rarely stressed facial muscles also you cell regeneration is promoted.

important health notes

We can not help if you suffer from any of these illnesses below:
  • if you have suffered a heart attack in the last 3 months
  • if you are in the first 3 months of pregnancy
  • if you have surgery recently
  • if you have epilepsy
  • if you currently suffer from the disease associated with fever
  • if you suffer from cancer
  • skin diseases
  • during the menstrual cycle
If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us on your concerns.
After dinner, you should wait at least 30 minutes before performing any massage.
Attention: No Sex